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TECNIQ’s Apprenticeship Programme

It’s no surprise that TECNIQ is a great place to pursue an apprenticeship in automotive engineering.

We are a creative, technology-driven business working for well-known, exclusive luxury car brands on ultra-premium, low-volume vehicle development programmes. Amazing feats of automotive engineering that will grace future pages of magazines and be featured on TV shows and vlogs.

Our Apprenticeship Programme

TECNIQ’s apprenticeship programme helps bright young minds to develop their knowledge and engineering skills within a fabulous environment; engineering programmes and experienced colleagues.

It also provides apprentices with real-world experience on exciting automotive programmes that employ the latest materials and equipment technology and with the formal knowledge and training required to progress.  

Formal Training

We work closely with colleges such as the Colchester Institute and South Essex College to ensure that our apprentices get the best possible training. Providing all elements of the formal training (the courses, accreditation etc.) they offer educational mentorship to support the apprentices in their development. 

These elements – real-world projects, experienced colleagues, and supported formal training – combine to create an environment that helps foster the growth and development of key skills required for a future in this industry.

A Fantastic Environment for Learning

TECNIQ offers a fantastic live environment for learning, where our apprentices benefit from working within a broad team. From their peers to engineers with decades of experience, they work in a design, engineering and manufacturing campus that sees projects right the way through from the conceptual phase to manufacture and assembly.

Things Our Apprentices Get Involved In

Apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to gain on-site industry experience whilst also being able to engage in academic development. While the hard work students put into their academic studies is crucially important, both for theoretical and practical understanding and professional accreditation, there is no substitute for direct experience.

Our apprentices are involved in all aspects of the company, from management and design to machining and production. This means that we can offer a variety of career pathways across the business and benefit from the training and skills that apprentices bring.

The ’23 Soapbox Rally Success Story

Our engineering apprentices recently lead an exciting project to develop a set of soapbox cars to race in the inaugural Colchester Derby Soapbox Rally 2023. Sporting the branding of TECNIQ and ADP Classic Racing respectively, our talented apprentices were able to exemplify the consummate engineering that both companies are known for with a first and second place finish

Our local MP Rt Hon. Priti Patel wrote to us directly to remark that she was very impressed by this accomplishment, subsequently expressing a desire to come and meet our young apprentices. For more details of her visit, please click the link.

Projects like this are a chance for the apprentices to display the skills they’ve developed, run a programme of their own, feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment, while also demonstrating TECNIQ’s advanced capabilities as a company.

Hearing From Two TECNIQ Apprentices

TECNIQ is a fast-moving, complex workplace that provides a constant stream of stimulation and challenge. The apprentice will benefit from various mentor/mentee dynamics, learning from some of the most established, knowledgeable members of the industry on a daily basis.

TECNIQ prides itself on creating a work environment that is safe, positive, welcoming and inclusive, perfect for the incubation of raw talent and professional ambition. Of course, we’re not asking you to take our word for itbelow you can find thoughts on the apprentice experience from two current members of the programme.

“My college course helps me crossover innovative and creative thinking processes, making it easier to helping me to understand and intake important information, and apply it to different levels of work. My favourite part of the apprenticeship so far has been working with and learning from other employees.

From this experience I’ve developed skills that have given me a greater understanding of the complexities of halo vehicle production. I hope to inspire and assist the future apprentices of TECNIQ with my own experiences helping them to develop as engineers and achieve the best grades possible.”

Archie Jennings, Trainee Assistant Manager, TECNIQ

“I wasn’t expecting to chat to the CEO and COO on my first day at TECNIQ, but that’s exactly what happened. Nigel and Tony explained that they wanted me to experience each role and each department during my time here, to gain an understanding and knowledge of each area.

I love the fact that I can model something upstairs, walk down the road to manufacturing and watch my part being made, and eventually hold it in my hand – understanding every step of the process. I feel a huge sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that bits I’ve modified and designed are in a supercar driving round.”

Tim Gannicott-Porter, Apprentice Design Engineer, TECNIQ

TECNIQ’s COO and CEO on the importance of Apprenticeships

STEM skills and the jobs that require them play a vital role in the economy and society at large. Supporting STEM programmes are vital to us an engineering business, and we are keen to play our part in developing and deploying these skills.

“We’re very proud of what TECNIQ offers as a company. Working on some of the most exclusive premium vehicles in the world offers constant, fresh challenges, and these challenges are accepted with relish by the hard-working, immensely talented employees that power the business.”

Tony Smith, COO, TECNIQ

Nurturing talent not only helps our apprentices to develop their engineering skills, it also helps us continue to evolve and grow as a business, and contributes to the growth of the industry as a whole.  

“We take apprenticeship programmes seriously at TECNIQ, because we feel an environment like this one offers the next generation a wonderful chance to learn some of the best and the brightest in the industry on the world’s most amazing vehicle development programmes. But we also benefit from their presence, from their inquisitiveness, and their willingness to think outside the box. It goes both ways, which is why we’re always on the lookout for young, ambitious students ready to take the next step in this crucial stage of their career.”

Nigel Lempriere, CEO, TECNIQ

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