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Proud to be Race Passion Sponsor, Mille Miglia 2023

ADP Classic RacingWe are excited to announce that our heritage racing division, ADP Classic Racing, are ‘Race Passion Sponsor’ for this year’s Mille Miglia, the world’s most famous classic road race, now in its 41st year.

Having run many amazing cars at the Mille over many years we are thrilled.

The world’s most famous classic road race

ADP Classic Racing - Race Passion Sponsors of the Mille Miglia 2023400 or so cars, whose previous participation in the event between the years 1927 and 1957 provide them with entry eligibility, will drive the traditional 1000-mile route across Italy from Brescia to Rome and back.

They’ll ‘brave’ city streets, sweeping roads, mountain passes and tight hairpins enjoying some of the region’s most beautiful and iconic towns and cities, Ferra, Rome, Siena, Modena, Bologna and Parma.

The best race tour experience

The Mille provides a wonderful tour experience for all involved. The tour delivers a great course and a great event for drivers and owners to run beloved machinery, to feel the excitement of being involved in a prestigious and historic event, to enjoy the atmosphere and scenic beauty of Italy and a wonderful paddock of enthusiasts to enjoy the spectacle with together.

Our clients and team love the camaraderie and sense of community that the Mille brings with tongue-in-cheek competition on-track and great support and social fun off-track as drivers, friends, competitors, enthusiasts, organisers and support crew mill around together.

As well as being a great tour event since the Mille is so well-loved in Italy fans from all generations line the course cheering on the cars and waving Mille and competitor flags. A great experience for all the drivers.

This year we will be running …

We are excited to be running a 1954 AC Ace, both the car and the drivers are experienced Mille runners. The Ace has undergone a complete engine and chassis rebuild over the winter period.

ADP Classic Racing - Race Passion Sponsors of the Mille Miglia 2023

We are also running, another experienced Mille racer, a 1951 Jaguar XK120 this time with an experienced driver-crew new to the Mille.  The XK120 has undergone a full ADP Classic racing “Tour Preparation” and accumulation of a bespoke spares package.

ADP Classic Racing - Race Passion Sponsors of the Mille Miglia 2023

On hand will be our competition car support and event support teams ensuring that the cars are in tip-top condition, ready to compete and that our client’s in-car and off-course.

Our clients say they enjoy … being part of our family

Our clients tell us that as well as excellent vehicle preparation they love how ADP Classic Racing adopts them into the family so that at every event and stage; out-of-season restoration and rebuilding, pre-season shakedown and testing, event preparation, driver training and in-event driving and hospitality. They tell us that they feel part of what is going on.

We love that too! We are all enthusiasts in lucky jobs!

Do you have/want a classic racing car?

We are pleased to be in a position to source, restore, build and race truly wonderful cars. Heritage and iconic racers. But also to work with some great people, some great clients who come on the journey with us as we work on their beloved vehicle.

So …

  • If you have a classic racing car that needs attention or preparation
  • Or a burning ambition to source a car
  • If you’re looking for the confidence that comes with working with a team of specialist engineers backed up by excellent facilities

… Then get in touch for a chat.

Part of TECNIQ

As a division of TECNIQ, partners on some of the world’s leading hypercar programmes (Mercedes AMG’s AMG ONE and Aston Martin’s Valkyrie Pro for example) ADP Classic Racing benefit from a wider set of F1-grade engineering and manufacturing expertise, experience and facilities.

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