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A Great-Day at the Billericay Soapbox Derby

Our Apprentices have been out on track again, running our Soapbox karts at the Billericay Soapbox Derby, where we came second and third and picked up the prize for the “Best Constructed Soapbox”… (Narrowly missing out on first place due to a minor infraction! … see below).

Our Team of Engineering Apprentices

Following our success at the inaugural Colchester Soapbox Rally in 2023, coming first and second, we were keen to run at other local soapbox events. The Billericay Soapbox Derby was an ideal opportunity.

The new track brought with it a new set of challenges; a four-foot ramp, two large jumps, and a hay bale chicane, all to be taken at speeds reaching 26mph! A demanding course that has claimed the ‘lives’ of many karts over the years!

Our engineering apprentices, who had in 2023 led the programme to design and build the soapbox karts, got to work re-engineering and re-building elements of each kart for a more demanding track than the Colchester event and the event’s safety requirements.

Go Go Go!

On the day the week’s gloomy forecasts had given way to glorious sunshine bathing the track, food stands, live music, karts, and classic cars in warmth and bringing with it thousands of spectators.

Running saw a mixture of the creative, the wacky and the serious(ish). Supported by music, entertaining dance routines and costumes.

After the morning’s running, we were in the top five, in first and fourth. The karts performed well straight out of the box only suffering minor damage from the challenging jumps, which threw the rear of the karts spectacularly high into the air. The drivers did a great job of handling the karts over the obstacles to such fast times.

A Slight Hiccup and Second Place Bump

In the second heat, both teams made it onto the podium, with TECNIQ third and ADP Classic Racing first, initially, recording the fastest time of the day with the only run that broke into the 25-second mark. 

Sadly this first place was taken away following a penalty that bumped us down to second. 

Award for Best Constructed Soapbox

Well done to the apprentices and their engineering. We also picked up the award for “Best Constructed Soapbox”

TECNIQ. At the Billericay Soapbox Derby

An Event for all

It was great to see so many people, so many teams, returning and new, families and friends enjoying the atmosphere of a great event. With classic cars, great food, live music and the track itself,

Big thanks to the Billericay Mayflower Rotary Club for putting on such a fantastic event.


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